The font formerly known         as Sofa

Oh, so soft & cosy 5 o’clock tea Some more milk and sugar? Earl-Grey, hot. Why don’t you come with me? I’ll show you my
.    collection of stamps …
Biscuit *DAMN* good coffee & cherry pie! Savouries

A cosy typeface

Canapé – working title Sofa – by Sebastian Nagel is based on the idea of letters with a subtly curved and slightly modulated line. Through this, the typefaces has a warm and friendly, almost haptical appearance which brings some kind of cosiness to your communication with type.

Designed and crafted with great attention to detail, the type family is usable for copy texts as well as corporate design or display purposes.

The design started in 2006 and Canapé Serif was released in 2013 after elaborate revisions and practical tests.

Canapé Serif with its 4 fonts and more than 4,200 characters contains a large amount of features like Small capitals, Swashes, 10 different figure sets, automated fractions, ordinals, standard and discretionary ligatures, language support for Central and Western Europe, a Capital Sharp S (ẞ) and a small sofa building kit.
All features are conveniently accessible through OpenType features.

Family Overview

The initial release of Canapé consists of 4 members – Regular, Italic, Bold and Bold Italic.

Each font also contains small caps and different figure sets, which would require many styles and expert fonts if provided with conventional font technology instead of OpenType.

The italic styles have an addional set of playful swash alternates for all relevant characters – especially useful for display typesetting.

Canapé Family

Features of Canapé

  • Elaborate metrics and class based kerning

    Elaborate metrics and class based kerning
    Manually crafted metrics and an additional set of 2600/3900 class kerning combinations
    (78 000/107 000 single pairs) guarantee optimal spacing for almost any case, minimizing the need for manual corrections by the font user.
  • Case sensitive forms

    Case sensitive forms
    Punctuation, mathematical operators, brackets and so on are replaced or repositioned for optimal alignment when text is set to »all capitals«.
    In addition the letter spacing is automatically increased.
  • German capital sharp S

    German capital sharp S
    Capital Sharp S (ẞ), accessible via Unicode 1E9E or the glyph pallette
  • Swashes

    Replaces capitals, small letters, figures and some other characters from the standards italics to swashed variants. While the regular italics are intended to be used in combination with the upright styles, the swash variants are especially useful for display use.
  • Ordinals

    Smaller letterforms for use as ordinals and superscript letter. A complete set of small letters (a–z, è) as well as punctuation is available.
  • Standard ligatures

    Standard ligatures
    Standard ligatures to avoid collision of forms.
    The swash italics (3R3F) also have a second set of special ligature forms.
  • Discretionary ligatures

    Discretionary ligatures
    Ligatures to beautify lettering in display sizes.
    The swash italics also have a second set of special ligature forms.
  • Contextual alternatives

    Contextual alternatives
    Contextual optimization of details for Th & www
  • Localized forms

    Localized forms
    Replaces »Î« with Romanian and Moldawian special form.
    (In InDesign this can be set by selecting the respective language).
  • Historical forms

    Historical forms
    Alternate form for z (ʒ‚) and its ligatures.
    Long s (ſ) and its ligatures are available through the glyph palette or special keyboard drivers.
  • Sofa kit

    Sofa kit
    Some sofa elements and accessories to be combined as you like.
  • Proportinal, tabular, lining and old style figures

    Proportinal, tabular, lining and old style figures
    Figures for every use in text and tabular settings.
    Tabular figures keep the same width across all family styles and weights.

Canapé Regular Canapé Bold Canapé Italic Canapé Bold Italic

PDF Type Specimen

Wait, there is more! This was just a quick overview. Check out full beauty of Canapé in the 46 pages of its type specimen booklet at ISSUU or download the PDF in English or German.


English Type Specimen PDF Download

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